How Do You Go Viral On TikTok

In today’s blog, I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to go viral on TikTok Social Media Platform with 3 easy steps hopefully this how to make a tiktok video viral 2020 blog and get some more followers on Tik Tok, so let’s follow these 3 steps.

So going viral on Tik Tok is easy but at the same time it’s not it’s much you’ve been going viral on YouTube or Instagram but it’s still very very hard a lot of people go viral by just posting like vine-like the content like funny just stuff that they like to hurt themselves or something like that but if you want to get a formula how to go viral and do it multiple times.

Step no.1:  you guys want to find  your niche this is what you want to start with because if you don’t know what audience you’re catering to and you’re just making random videos you don’t know if it’s gonna go viral or not you want to have it specifically catered to one audience so then when it hits the for you page,

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it’s gonna be people that want to see it so they’re gonna like it and in return follow you for a little bit I did like prank video so here’s a prank video that I did currently it has 1.7 million crazy likes but because I cater to one audience everybody loved it and they liked the video here was another one again I catered to the prank audience so people that liked pranks and liked TikTok pranks like the video and followed me if you figure out what audience wanna cater to it’s gonna help you a lot and you’re gonna grow a TikTok a lot easier

Step no.2: Have good lighting and good audio if you guys are making original content you want to have good lighting and audio I cannot stress this enough so many creators make good TikTok but they don’t have good lighting or audio so the video flops completely you want to make the video look as professional as possible for an example this video the lighting looks beautiful and I’m catering to one audience like I said before so that’s step number 2 you wanna have good lighting and good audio and finally.

Step no.3: Pretty simple you just want to be yourself I see a lot of young and inspiring creators looking at big creators and want to copy them exactly and you’re probably asking yourself right now well how do I do that and that just comes down to things like you can make a video like somebody else but you don’t want to copy it identically like maybe change it up a little bit makes it a little bit more you because again people are gonna like that instead of just watching identical videos from the big creators so especially when you’re small you want to make your videos and be you trust me people are gonna like an original person and then just a replica of somebody else anyway y’all daddy’s been the video I know it’s been a show run today but a short sweet and hopefully will help you guys make TikTok video viral.

A Bonus Tips To Viral TikTok Account 

Once you figure out how to do it and keep repeating the process you’re gonna figure out what your audience likes and you just keep repeating that also another pro tip you want to make your account a pro account as you can see right here I’m literally making my account of pro account right here on my backup account but seriously it will help you understand your analytics your following and where your followers are from to make the best videos you possibly can this is absolutely a necessity when it comes to making viral videos and making really good content for your follower.

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