How to Increase TikTok Fans in 2022

How to increase Tiktok fans absolutely free Made the right choice because your tik-tok influence however big or small it maybe is certainly not going to be

the same after these next few minutes in the best way, of course, today we’re gonna be discussing and breaking down how to fast growth on tik-tok in 2020 and beyond what needs to happen to get you from 0 to 100 K followers so I’ve personally grown three separate TikTok accounts to well over 100 K followers one of which was done in the timeframe of a single week I’m gonna be putting it on a video on that specific case study at a later time so stay tuned for that that being said I think it’s fair to say that what I’m gonna be sharing in this article is all from personal experience it’s absolutely proven and certainly has the potential to transform your tik-tok presence on the platform so these 9 different tricks tips and tactics that I’m gonna be sharing with you in today’s article you’re gonna want to stick around and read all the wait until the end and as a special thank you for sticking around

5 Ways to  Increase Fans Like Rocket On TikTok

1. To Increase Followers On TikTok 1st Define your Niche

The most successful users on the TikTok platform are known for a certain kind of video, for instance, Zak King predominant influencer on the platform is generally known for his magical videos with special effects this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try new things certainly try to create a variety there’s a saying out there that variety often leads to virality to Earn TikTok Followers & TikTok Fame.

which can be true but remember to always take it back to what you are comfortable with and good at making ask yourself this question do I want to reach if you create a laser-like focus on your talents and your personality and the audience that you want to entertain or you want to communicate a message to it’s gonna be much easier to stand out because you were so unique in that way so to find that and you will define your leash it’s also worth pointing out that the most unlikely content tends to go viral believe me there is nothing more frustrating and awkward and then spending hours upon hours editing filming creating a video only to find out that once uploaded it gets  you hundred views right true story the video,

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that I spent the most time on which was two hours in Premiere Pro and four or five hours in After Effects turned out to be my least popular video across all of my accounts to this day so the key takeaway here the key lesson is to just experiment with different ideas because you never know what might end up getting you 10 million views.

2.Capitalize on trends on TikTok

Discovery page or the fyp page the for you page you can view what content is buzzing and what are the new trends on Tik Tok what are the new challenges whether minute trends what is the latest version of uncapping the bottle or flipping the bottle most people don’t know this but if you go on to the Tik Tok app and you go to the discovery page if you click on the hashtag for a specific challenge you can learn more and read a description about what it’s about particularly I say this from personal experience especially when a challenge is new and I mean within the first few hours if you jump on it fairly quickly and you make a video revolving around that it’s fairly easy to rank for that challenge and remember that the whole idea of trends is not necessarily to copy every single aspect of it but to take it and remake it in your way sometimes that means putting an extra person in the scene sometimes that is adding a plot twist or putting the different spin on it because if everyone did the same thing trends would get more in super fast and no one would watch anyone’s content a great example of a trend that has been utilized in so many different ways is the 24 hours.

3. Always caption your content

Creating a caption that is both descriptive and intriguing will give your viewers 

something else to talk about which will result in more comments and more engagement on your video in other words

Captions = Comments = More Distribution

I would often give some sort of indication like a hint as to what the result and the video is gonna be you know tik-tok gives you 140 characters that you can use for your captions so make sure you utilize all those as best you can but also save room for hashtags.

4. Timing is everything

most people think that timing doesn’t matter content is content and it’s going to go viral if it’s meant to no that’s not true from personal experience and  growing all the counts timing matters significantly now of course you need to know your audience so that you know what time to post at so to do this you need to upgrade your Tik Tok account to a pro TikTok account it’s completely free and it’s super helpful and useful because gives you additional insight into account analytics audience insights and other metrics that help you better understand your account so that you can maximize it for growth so if we actually go on to the app if you click on the upper right hand corner under settings and you go to manage my account and you scroll down to the bottom you should see in red upgrade to a pro account so you click that I’ve already had this on my specific profile here so I’m just gonna go back to the privacy and settings menu click on analytics and you can see here that I have access to all thesee different analytics of my account video views followers profile views if you go to content you can see video posts trending videos and followers gender talk territories and so use this to determine the time that is best for you based on the territories the territories based on the countries that are watching your content particularly .

 5.use trending sounds

Here’s a key Tech Talk favored sounds that have popularity most sounds are tied to a trend in some way, for instance, mo Bombas all too familiar I got hoes song was usually accompanied by users taking a glass and overfilling it with liquid to find trending sounds open up TikTok  on the create button on the for you page click on sounds at the top of the screen and from here you can see all the different categories of sounds that are currently trending at the moment so make use of these as best as you can.

Appreciate the time thanks so much for reading and we’ll talk next time take care didn’t miss to Share!

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